Our Causes

Community Projects

Tennis4Cause is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to helping and support under-resourced kids through tennis in city of Charlotte and surrounding areas, and across the US and around the world. We help kids support four main causes, hence the name 4Cause. The four causes we support are:


In a rapidly evolving world, education is highly essential for today's kids to become successful professionals tomorrow. Without formal education, kids who seek professional jobs are unable to do their bit and hence, we ensure that the kids receive the basic education, while they are also aware regarding the latest technology, so that they can leverage on it whenever required. By catering to the needs in the education and technology field, we intend to empower the children to be self-sufficient at a later stage.

Due to the nature of schools and work environments in the modern world, most of the people lack fitness. Health issues are on the rise! It is not sufficient if an individual is highly educated and has a good job. Health and fitness are critical aspects for leading a good life and many people do not pay heed to health, which is leading to health conditions and diseases. To promote the all-round development of kids, we ensure that they are also focusing on health and fitness aspects, so that they are benefited from it in the long run.

One among the basic needs, food and nutrition is essential among kids who need help. Generally, if they are eating unhealthy and not be able to eat nutritious food, which generally leaves them starving and malnourished at times. To overcome this, we ensure that the kids receive the right amount of nutrition, as it ensures that they stay healthy and get the right amount of nutrition that they need. Food & Nutrition forms a vital part of the overall well-being of children and hence, it should never be neglected. 4Cause goes the extra mile to ensure that all kids have a good level of nutrition.

To ensure the all-round development of kids, all the basic needs have to be fulfilled, Shelter, safety and clothing are the bare minimum needs and only when they are fulfilled, kids will be able to focus on what they wish to do in life, or regarding their passion. Only when a conducive environment is provided where the basic needs of a kid are fulfilled, they can focus on education and their interests. 4Cause also has safety, shelter and clothing as a cause for the overall uplifting of kids.We at Tennis4Cause support several community projects across the year locally and globally to support youth causes. If you have a project or a cause that you would like to raise awareness or need support please reach out to us. Here are some of the past projects.